Charity & Social Enterprise Update | Spring 2017

In this edition of our Charity update we are given a round-up of the latest legal news, opinion and developments for charities:

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  • Leona Roche focuses on the general principles of decision making for charity trustees.
  • Paul Seath and David Duhig look at the critical decision of whether or not to undertake litigation on behalf of your charity.
  • Mark Abbott provides useful tips on how to conduct your charities AGM.
  • We include the revised and updated Charities Acts Handbook, including the latest changes resulting from the 2016 Charities Act.
  • Our guide to procurement, The Art of Procurement, co-written by Julian Blake and Frank Villeneuve-Smith of the HCT Group is included. HCT Group is also the subject of our client focus.
  • On financial matters, Mairead O’Reilly looks at recent changes to the regulation of fundraising and the need for charities to ensure oversight of any third-party fundraisers.
  • Laura Soley and Pippa Garland look at reporting requirements for charities which may be designated as “financial institutions”.
  • Our Get Legal service is featured. This service provides expertly written documents to charities and social enterprises at a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Alice Faure Walker and Emma Knuckey warn that charities should be aware of the Charity Commission’s new powers to issue official warnings and their potential for reputational damage.
  • There’s another warning on the dangers of using personal emails for charity business from Rupert Earle and Andrew Wheelhouse.
  • David Hunter looks at the future of mission-led business, and what exactly it means now and in the future.
  • Tesse Akpeki stresses the importance of board culture for effective leadership.
  • Alice Faure Walker reports on the proposed new requirements to register ‘people with significant control’.
  • Finally, there is our regular roundup of the latest at the Charity Commission and Charity Tribunal from Emma Knuckey.

We are pleased to announce that the third edition of our definitive guide to charity law, The Charities Act Handbook – a Practical Guide, is now available from Jordan Publishing.

Extensively updated by the team of specialist charity lawyers at BWB, the latest edition gives practical and up-to-date commentary on all the areas covered by the Charities Acts, including the implications of the new Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016, which is now mainly in force.

Please click here to download the PDF version.

This information is necessarily of a general nature and doesn’t constitute legal advice. This is not a substitute for formal legal advice, given in the context of full information under an engagement with Bates Wells.

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