Leticia Jennings quoted in Civil Society on CIFF ruling

Leticia Jennings has been quoted in Civil Society following the High Court ruling that The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (UK) (CIFF) must donate $360m to another charity, Big Win Philanthropy, as part of the resolution of charity governance issues.

CIFF was jointly founded by philanthropist Jamie Cooper and her then-husband Sir Christopher Hohn. It was agreed that Ms. Cooper would resign from CIFF and that CIFF would donate $360m to charity Big Win Philanthropy, which is run by Ms. Cooper, provided that approval was obtained from either the Charity Commission or the High Court.

Bates Wells Braithwaite acted for Ms. Cooper, and following the court’s decision Leticia Jennings commented that “The judgment was the culmination of a focussed effort by all involved to ensure good order at one of the country’s leading charities whilst at the same time securing further substantial donations to charity and enabling Ms Cooper – who has worked as an unpaid charity chair and trustee for over a decade – to continue her exceptional work in the sector”. 

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