Bates Wells quoted in two articles in Pioneers Post following recent E3M meeting

Pioneers Post has reported, over two articles, on a recent E3M meeting at Bates Wells. The E3M Social Enterprise Leaders Club is a quarterly gathering of leaders of some of the UK’s most successful social enterprises.

The first article introduces a complex business challenge which was faced by Ripplez, a social care enterprise, as outlined by the business development director Sarah Edwards and the CEO Justine Gibling. Ripplez spun out of Derby NHS primary care trust in 2011 to help young mothers and their children have better outcomes in life. After several successful years which saw the organisation expand, Ripplez began to encounter challenges as the commissioning landscape shifted.

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The second article, “How to recover after losing a major contract”, discusses what to do when a significant chunk of your social enterprise’s income disappears. 

E3M member the Wise Group focuses on getting long term unemployed and other disadvantaged people into work, as well as community justice and various environmental services. Wise faced a fight for survvial after failing to land a £140 million contract from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Laurie Russell, CEO of the Wise Group, shared her experiences in recovering from the setback.

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