Law Commission technical issues report – Laura Soley quoted in The Times

In the wake of the Law Commission’s recent report entitled “Technical Issues in Charity Law”, many across the charities and social enterprises sector have been pondering what this means for their administrative processes.


Laura Soley, partner in our Charity & Social Enterprise team, was extensively quoted in The Times’s coverage of the report’s potentially wide-ranging consequences for these organisations.

Laura noted that “While the content of the Law Commission’s report really is, as its title suggests, technical, it contains lots of good news. Too much charity law is arcane and fiddly.”

Likewise, she also remarked that “technical problems” in the Charities Act 2011 “have meant that where a charity merges, it’s often necessary to keep the old charity in existence just in case the old charity receives any legacies after the merger. The current problem is that the register of mergers — which was brought in to solve this problem — was flawed”.

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