Home Office doubles number of exceptional talent visas

The Home Office has announced today that it has doubled the number of visas available to individuals who are leaders or show exceptional promise in the fields of technology, science, arts and the creative industries.


The Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa recognises the benefit of welcoming highly skilled individuals to come and work in the UK. Applicants for this visa must receive an endorsement from one of five endorsing organisations, dependent on the applicant’s field of work (for example, leaders in digital technology must apply to Tech City UK for endorsement and leaders in music, theatre or film must apply to Arts Council England). Previously there was a cap of 1,000 visas which were equally distributed between the five fields. The additional 1,000 visas announced today will be available across all of the endorsing bodies and allocated depending on need.

Although a welcome announcement for those who are highly skilled enough to meet the criteria, this does little to assist most of those who will be affected by the changes to immigration law to be brought about by Brexit.

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