Commencement of the new Telecoms code

The long awaited new Electronic Communications Code comes into force on 28 December 2017; a key tool in the Government’s strategy for superfast broadband available to all.  

The new Code should make it easier and cheaper for operators to rollout infrastructure, including masts, underground cabling and exchanges, even without the agreement of the landowner, which might be good news for operators but for landowners, the bad news is that it will significantly reduce the level of income received from having infrastructure on your land or property which may affect value. Operators will have automatic rights to upgrade and share equipment and to assign the agreement.  A longer two-stage process for termination and removal will apply. Transitional provisions will also apply to existing agreements when seeking to bring these to an end.

If you have any questions about how this new code will affect you, please contact Lesley Robinson or our wider Real Estate department.

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