Faith-Based Organisations Update | Spring 2018

In this edition of our Faith-Based Organisations update:

  • The Charity Governance Code is a useful tool for achieving excellent governance, and for helping faith-based organisations to thrive. Leona Roche and Tesse Akpeki highlight its key principles.
  • David Coulthard introduces the St Mary’s Hospital Almshouses charity and forthcoming changes.
  • Louise Rea discusses the Court of Appeal’s conclusions that segregating boys and girls can cause detriment under the Equality Act 2010, and it’s ramifications for faith schools.
  • Tim Barnden and Aisha Choudhry explain the complexities for faith-based organisations wishing to employ ministers or missionaries from outside the EU.
  • Charity is central to Islam, with three main forms of giving being core to the faith. Augustus Della-Porta explains the concept of waqf and its origins.
  • Katie Harrison, Director of the Faith Research Centre, introduces its work.
  • Lucas Atkin outlines the new provisions under GDPR, highlighting that faith-based organisations need to be up to speed on its requirements.
  • The ownership of properties by faith communities needs to be clear so as to avoid conflict or confusion when changes occur. Holly Terry and Will Scott explain the issues that arise, and how to avoid problems.
  • Lucy McLynn explains why its time to revisit the topic of occupational requirements and the cardinal rules to apply.
  • Augustus Della-Porta shares his personal faith journey.
  • Philippa Masters provides a case and Charity Commission roundup.

Please contact the Faith-Based team if you have questions about the issues covered in this update.

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