Data Protection Bill: Bates Wells provides written evidence to Public Bill Committee

Bates Wells has provided detailed written evidence to the Public Bill Committee highlighting the impact of the Data Protection Bill on charities’ use of special category data.

Charity, Data Privacy

The submission, compiled by Lawrence Simanowitz and Victoria Hordern, details three areas that many charities work in which are now potentially impacted by the terms of the Bill: vulnerable individuals and fundraising, safeguarding and the provision of care services.

Among other points raised, BWB’s submission states that many organisations are “seeking reassurance” regarding the conditions under which they can process special category data. A lack of clarity concerning this point means that, in the view of this submission, the capacity of charities to use special category data as a fundraising tool could be jeopardised.

According to BWB’s submission, “many charities have been collecting and using special category data for several years in order to meet their charitable purposes. The inability to confidently rely on a condition to process special category data could seriously damage the capacity for a charity to provide its services”.

If you’d like to read the full text of BWB’s submission to the Bill Committee, click here for further details.

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