How ready are you to apply the charity governance code?

Fundamental to the success of any organisation is good governance.  Significantly a new principle in the charity Governance Code stipulates that the board’s approach to diversity should support effectiveness.   Trustees must ensure plans are in place to monitor and achieve the board’s diversity objectives.   Diversity is viewed in its widest sense as board’s stays informed, responsive and navigates the fast paced and complex environments and changes facing the sector.  Boards are encouraged to recruit people who think in different ways (e.g. cognitive diversity) as well as those who have different backgrounds and different perspectives and experience.  Training and reflection is paramount to trustees understanding their responsibility in this area.


There is an important application for organisations.   Charities with income of over £1m a year and whose accounts are externally audited in applying the code are required to publish an annual description of what has been done to address diversity of the board and charity leadership.   The performance is benchmarked against its diversity objectives with an explanation offered where diversity objectives have not been met.

Onboard is hosting a diversity masterclass on 20 March to offer a deep dive into the diversity principle and practical tools that can be applied.

Tom Lawson, a chief executive will present a case study of his experience of diversity, its relevance, and impact. His blog earlier this year attracted thousands of hits.

Please click here for more information and to book for the 20th March event.



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