Schools Week: Caraline Johnson comments on Baker Clause impact

Caraline Johnson, BWB’s Head of Education, has been quoted by Schools Week in an article covering the limited impact of the Baker Clause since its launch on 2 January.

The article, based on findings from an investigation conducted by the Schools Week team, notes that only two of the 10 largest multi-academy trusts in England have so far complied with the requirements of the Clause.

In her comments Caraline notes how many in the sector have been caught unaware by the Clause’s arrival in January, with many schools now vulnerable to the accusation that they are in breach of statute.

The Baker Clause is a highly significant amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act, and states that every school must grant training providers access to every pupil between years 8 and 13. This step has been taken so that all pupils can remain fully informed about technical qualifications and apprenticeships.

If you would like to read more of Caraline’s comments, click here to read the rest of Schools Week’s article.

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