Philip Trott comments on Home Secretary’s response to Windrush scandal

Philip Trott, Partner in BWB’s Immigration team, has commented on remarks by the Home Secretary to the Home Affairs Select Committee regarding the ongoing Windrush scandal.


In his remarks, Philip commented specifically on the Home Secretary’s suggestion that many thousands of people defined as belonging to the “Windrush generation” do not need to consult lawyers,

In comments to the Law Society Gazette Philip said: ‘However simple the process proposed by the minister, as with all applications made to the Home Office, evidence supporting them is key and applicants are not merely able to make an assertion of fact. Inevitably there will be some testing of the application especially in relation to family members born here to Windrush generation members. The Home Office’s track record will justify rightful cynicism by those that understand the system.’

If you would like to read the Gazette’s article in its entirety, click here to access the online piece.  

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