Windrush scandal: Bates Wells Immigration team’s comments quoted by Lexis Nexis

Lawyers from Bates Wells’ Immigration team have been quoted in Lexis Nexis’s coverage of the ongoing scandal surrounding the impact of the Home Office’s Hostile Environment legislations on the “Windrush generation”.


Chetal Patel and Tim Barnden, both partners in Bates Wells’ Immigration team, were featured in a piece highlighting a number of measures announced by the Home Secretary designed to allay concerns over the consequences of these rules on those affected.
Further to the events of the past week, Tim Barnden argues that the policies are now left ‘in tatters’, as a result of their impact upon the Windrush generation.

Referring to implementation of the Hostile Environment, Chetal Patel also said that it is, ‘yet to be seen how in reality landlords, employers and others conducting the checks will be afforded “greater protection” and how this will fit in with the current regime of right to rent checks, right to work checks and other examples of the operation of immigration control measures’.

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