• Lucas Atkin and Victoria Hordern have some useful tips for charities on being ready for the GDPR, which comes into force in May.
  • Emma Dowden-Teale and Claire Whittle explain that charities need to be aware that they are being held to a far wider interpretation of ‘safeguarding’ than that strictly prescribed by law.
  • Employee references can be a minefield, say Lucy McLynn and Victoria Cook, but it is important to be consistent in your approach to avoid accusations of discrimination.
  • Mindy Jhittay answers your questions about social engineering fraud.
  • Suhan Rajkumar explains recent changes to the Charity Commission annual return.
  • We feature the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.
  • On the Charity Governance Code, Tesse Akpeki stresses the importance of board diversity.
  • Rachael Chapman looks at the recommendation of a trustee code of conduct.
  • Oliver Scutt explains the new provisions on automatic disqualification of charity trustees and senior managers.
  • Emma Knuckey and Megan Read review the impact of the Charity Commission’s new regulatory powers.
  • Molly Carew-Jones and Hannah Lyons explore the growing popularity of society lotteries to raise funds.
  • Philip Trott  looks at immigration issues as we approach Brexit.
  • In our tax focus, Bill Lewis explains HMRC’s approach to the distinction between grants and fees.
  • Bill Lewis and Susan Shi give an update on the accounting rules for gifts of profit from trading subsidiaries.
  • Emma Knuckey provides a useful roundup of the latest from the Charity Commission and the Chairty Tribunal.

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All content on this page is correct as of May 15, 2018.