Wired magazine on “the biggest legal crisis facing Uber”

As BWB’s Employment team gears up for the next stage in the ongoing case against Uber, in which the team will continue to argue that Uber’s drivers should be classified as workers and are entitled to employment rights, Paul Jennings and Rachel Mathieson took time out to speak to Wired about the case.


In an in-depth article, James Temperton investigates the background to the recent landmark judgment in the Employment Appeal Tribunal and speaks to Paul and Rachel about the flaws in Uber’s case.

It’s a bit of a myth to suggest that these new ways of working are imperilled by outmoded laws. The courts have had to preside over cases involving priests, vicars, lap dancers, all sorts of atypical workers – and it can do so in a very nuanced way. That’s the beauty of the common law: it adapts and it develops”
Paul Jennings

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