Civil Society: Luke Fletcher comments on charity administration process

Luke Fletcher, partner in our Charity and Social Enterprise team, has offered his views to Civil Society as to how, in future, assets of community value should be dealt with in the event that charitable organisations enter the administration process.

Charities, Social Enterprise

Examining the fate of Hastings Pier Charity – so far the only community benefit society to enter administration – Civil Society’s piece probes the sale of the charity’s largest asset (Hastings Pier) to private businessman Sheikh Abid Guizar.

Remarking that the administration process and subsequent sale was “conducted properly”, Luke asks whether “there should be a separate administration process for charitable organisations”. In his view, this could put more “emphasis on ensuring that asset-locked resources, where possible, end up in the hands of other charitable organisations”.

If you’d like to read more of Luke’s thoughts, or if you’d like to check out the rest of the piece, click here.

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