BBC London Drivetime: Bates Wells immigration head interviewed

Tim Barnden, partner and head of immigration at Bates Wells, has contributed to BBC London’s “Drivetime with Eddie Nestor” on advice issued by the Home Office to families entering the UK.


In guidance promoted over social media, the Home Office has reiterated to family members who have different surnames (due to their parents being unmarried or as a result of other circumstances) to the fact that they may be asked additional questions by the UK Border Force to establish their relationship to one another.

In a discussion which sought to shed light on the broader implications of this guidance, Tim made the point that the move could help the authorities to ensure that children are moved legitimately between borders. He also said during that some preparation by parents to substantiate their relationship with their children is “probably a good idea”.

During this feature Tim underlined that a “common sense” approach can help family members with different details to avoid difficulties when entering the UK. In Tim’s view, if in doubt, individuals should bring copies of relevant documentation (birth certificates, divorce papers, deedpole letters etc) to help this process to proceed as smoothly as possible.

If you’d like to hear more of Tim’s insights on this subject, click here to listen to the relevant segment of Eddie’s show (Tim’s contribution begins from 1:39:00 onwards).

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