Brexit report: Bates Wells collaborates with Creative Industries Federation

With fears of a “No-Deal Brexit” growing due to increasingly turbulent UK/EU negotiations, Bates Wells has collaborated with the Creative Industries Federation to release a report which details what creative organisations (and Federation members in particular) need to do in order to prepare for this outcome.

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Designed to meet the needs of enterprises, organisations and freelancers in this sector, the report examines what a “No-Deal Brexit” would entail for the creative industries given that, in the words of the report’s authors, this eventuality is “now becoming an actual possibility, rather than simply a worst-case scenario intended to scare all sides into behaving”.  

Citing recent survey results gathered by the Federation which state that 40% of creative businesses believe that a “No-Deal Brexit” will harm their ability to export, the report sets out a series of straightforward, easy-to-understand steps which organisations can take in order to be ready for this event.

Although the chances of a “No-Deal Brexit” may appears to be small this guide underlines that there is a need for all organisations to reflect on the current political discourse, and to recognise that a range of outcomes are possible at this stage of the negotiations.

If you’d like to download this report from the Federation’s membership page click here in order to access a copy.

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