The big listen: facilitating conditions for increased impact

How can you create a supportive climate that achieves the best results, leads to increased clarity, better communication, more effective decision making, and better meetings?


These conditions nourish, nurture, honour and support all participants, while achieving the impact required.

How can you create a climate where people can feel valued as well as do their best work? How can your meetings become those thinking spaces where people want to be, do their best thinking and come up with the best decisions possible? What needs to happen to shape collaboration and make the most of your leadership and the leadership of others?

The facilitative question leads to a climate of personal value, integrity, respect, impact and sustained success.

To learn more about facilitative competencies, capabilities, skills, approaches, tools and techniques sign up for our facilitation sessions (Facilitation 101 and Facilitation 201). 

These sessions are for anyone in decision making roles – either making decisions or supporting those who make decisions – key governance players who are Chairs, Vice Chairs, Trustees, Chief Executives, Heads of governance, advisors and those who support boards.

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