Digital and You – 27 September 2018

How far are you on your digital trip with new technologies and engagement in your organisations and on your board? How is social media impacting on you? What is working and what can work even better? How are you enhancing your meetings and your information using modern technology? Are you exploring what is possible in governance and strategy as you look to the future? What is possible and realistic? To learn more you can participate in the Onboard session “Governance and Digital – enhancing your board’s performance”. You will also hear about the 7 principles in the Digital Code (draft). The draft digital code considers best practices in leadership, user led practices, culture, strategy, skills, managing risks and ethics and adaptability. Digital expert Paula Okonneh from North Carolina USA, who has a successful Podcast service will share her years of experience of how digital can be impactful. Dwelling on the practical, Paula will draw on the success that can be achieved by using social media in a useful way to achieve reach and connect with different audiences and partners. You will also hear from a charity that is revolutionising it governance by using more modern approaches to make its meetings more accessible and smart.


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