Tim Barnden comments on Kweku Adoboli case featured by Bloomberg

Following the news that Kweku Adoboli, the famed UBS “rogue trader” is soon to be deported to Ghana from the UK, Tim Barnden, Head of Immigration, has provided analysis on the legal background to Mr Adoboli’s case to Bloomberg News.  


The proceedings in this instance were initiated due to Home Office rules which stipulate that the foreign nationals who serve four or more years in prison (as Mr Adoboli has) are automatically subject to deportation.  

Speaking to Kaye Wiggins, Reporter at Bloomberg News, Tim offered his insights on the decision to refuse Mr Adoboli a judicial review of his application for leave to remain and said: “somebody in his position has got a really tough struggle” because “there’s a presumption that it’s in the public interest for the person to be deported”.

In his comments to Kaye, Tim also referenced the need for Mr Adoboli to cite new and “significant information that hadn’t previously been considered” when arguing that his case should be reviewed.

If you’d like to read Bloomberg’s latest analysis of the case, click here to access the piece in its entirety. 

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