Celebrating differences: the strength of behavioural diversity on boards

A whole fresh way of seeing diversity – being able to appreciate different communication styles as we build the board is a boon. C-me profiling offers a way to be unique and different while looking to the perspectives of others to be a stronger board, a more efficient committee and a more effective staff team. Impact can result from learning how to communicate, increase understanding and achieve goals by recognising commonalities and respecting differences. Massive improvements comes from using the experience that connects the organisation’s and captures the expressions each person brings through unique perspectives, skills, preferences and the appropriate blend of talent at the right time on behalf of the organisation. It can be immensely useful to have access to your own profile for the masterclass. Those who attend will receive a complementary C-me profile. For this reason it is advisable to register for the masterclass by Friday 5 October. The strength of behavioural diversity on boards – enhancing communication, connection and engagement is on 9 October 2018.


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