Incentivising volunteering: Victoria Cook writes for Civil Society

Victoria Cook, Senior Associate in Bates Wells’ Employment team, has written for Civil Society on what charities need to be aware of when weighing up whether to use incentives to encourage volunteers.


In an article which seeks to demystify an often complex subject Victoria summarises how, although “guidance on volunteering is clear that no payment other than out of pocket expenses” should be paid to an individual, there is a need for charities to consider whether certain incentives will produce a contractual arrangement with volunteers.  

Throughout her piece Victoria also addresses several other questions in this area, specifically asking “how do the volunteers view the incentives? Do they regard themselves as being rewarded for their volunteering? This gives pause for thought. Is this not what incentivising is becoming? Payment in incentivised clothing?”

If you’d like to read Victoria’s answers to these questions, or the other arguments that she puts forward, you can read the rest of this article here.

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