Charity Financials: Bill Lewis sets out tax-free benefits

Bill Lewis, Consultant at Bates Wells, has written an article for Charity Financials outlining the top ten tax-free benefits available to charities.


Bill’s article explores some of the often-overlooked tax-free benefits which charities can use in order to minimise their financial expenditure and to simultaneously help improve their staff’s physical and mental wellbeing. Ranging from subsidised meals through to working at home allowances, these benefits can help charities to look after their people even when these organisations have been impacted by financial austerity.

In his piece Bill also points out that his top ten list comprises just a few of the tax-free benefits open to charities. In summing up, Bill says, “…if you cannot afford to provide your staff with the pay rise you would like to give or there are other reasons why a pay rise is not possible, think of other ways you can make a difference to your staff that do not cost them tax but which could both make a difference to them and show them you are a caring employer.”

If you’d like to take a look at the tax-free benefits that are available to your organisation, click here to read Bill’s piece in its entirety.

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