Culture and Controls: do you know the Charity Commission’s 10 top tips for fraud prevention?

The Charity Commission has recently published its report on its work dealing with wrongdoing and harm in charities in 2017-18. The report includes findings on insider fraud – loss of charitable funds to your own staff and volunteers.


It found that almost three quarters of insider fraud cases happened because there was too much trust in individuals and because others in the charity did not challenge them. It has urged charities to:

  • improve their financial controls to make sure no individual has the opportunity to take funds from charity. At Birmingham Dogs Home, the former chief executive stole £900,000 from the charity.
  • encourage a culture where your people look out for things that do not seem right and to speak out if they find them. At NSA Afan, the finance director went to prison for spending almost £54,000 of the charity’s money for personal gain.

You can take simple and effective steps to minimise the risk of falling victim to insider fraud. In its Research report: Focus on insider fraud, the Charity Commission offers 10 top tips:


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