Faith-Based Organisations Update | Spring 2019

In this edition of our Faith-Based Organisations update:

  • Sophie Cass explains how a Victorian initiative to build new schools can trip you up in the twenty-first century
  • Lucy McLynn explains the differences in status of volunteers and the National Minimum Wage and how they can impact your charity
  • Emma Dowden-Teale sets out the latest sector developments on safeguarding and explains how faith-based organisations can respond
  • Alex de Jongh outlines some measures faith-based organisations can take to avoid internal disputes
  • Jamie Huard and Andrew Wheelhouse look at how to balance conservation and access in historic buildings
  • Daniel Jones introduces Stewardship’s online fundraising platform,
  • Oliver Scutt explores his personal faith journey
  • Moshiur Rahman from Orphans in Need and Augustus Della-Porta outline the work of the charity
  • Oliver Scutt discusses how he was inspired at the transformative power of faith-based mediation and reconciliation after Stephen Ruttle QC recently spoke at one of Bates Wells Faith At Work lunches
  • Caroline van den Bergh and Farheed Ahmed take a look at the latest cases and changes to immigration rules affecting religious workers.

Please contact the Faith-Based team if you have questions about the issues covered in this update.

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All content on this page is correct as of April 15, 2019.