Governance & Leadership debates assured unitary governance model

Following remarks before an audience of attendees at the University of Liverpool’s London campus, Philip Kirkpatrick’s proposed new charity governance model has now inspired an in-depth feature (£) written by Governance & Leadership.


Editor Tania Mason refers to Philip’s view that ‘the model of governance currently adopted by almost all charities is “broken, and no longer workable”, especially for large, complex organisations’ and that how in his opinion “we need a new one”.

Tania’s piece delves into Philip’s suggested alternative model: assured unitary governance. This approach would mean that charities would have an entirely paid trustee board, alongside a secondary board (what Philip would call an “assurance board”) comprising voluntary members endowed with specific responsibilities.

The article also provides a snapshot of the debate that Philip’s comments has inspired throughout the charities sector, and includes comments from a wide range of other third party organisations such as the NCVO and Social Enterprise UK.

You can read the rest of Tania’s piece, which includes further commentary from insights from Philip, here (£).

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