New guide for legacy fundraisers on contested Wills and data retention

Lawrence Simanowitz and Hannah Lyons from our Charity team worked together with the Institute of Fundraising and the Information Commissioner’s Office to create a guide to help charities deal with issues relating to data retention and legacies in the case of a contested Will.

Charity Legacies

Inheritances are an important source of funds for charities, very often honoured after a long relationship with a donator. If the legacy is contested, charities may need to provide evidence of a relationship with a supporter.

That relationship is not always straightforward – donors can come and go, leave a long break between donations and support a charity in different ways. This raises the issue of how long you can keep personal data before you break the data protection rules on data retention.

The “Legacy Fundraising, Contested Wills, & Data Retention” guide helps charities and fundraisers to understand how they can appropriately record and retain personal data so that it can be accessed at a later date in the case of a contested Will.

You can read the full guidance here.

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