Volunteers Week: Amanda Ogilvie talks about her work with the Hands up Foundation

Each year we mark Volunteers Week by sharing a few case studies that show the valuable work that our people do at home and abroad. This year, Amanda Ogilvie told us how being a trustee and providing pro bono advice to The Hands Up Foundation has led to a deeper personal involvement in the organisation’s work.


“I joined the board of The Hands Up Foundation in May 2017. In October last year, I travelled to Turkey to visit a prosthetic limb clinic it supports on the Syrian border. This followed a period where, in addition to attending various trustee meetings, I provided pro bono advice on agreements, policies and international grant-making processes. My visit really illuminated the acute need and human suffering that has resulted from eight years of bitter conflict in the region, and the challenges faced by charities in light of increasing donor fatigue and detachment.”

“During my visit I met a nine year old Syrian girl called Rayan who had been treated at the clinic after having lost her left leg, and the use of her right leg, in a car bomb in Syria. I was both humbled and inspired by the incredible resilience and hope shown by Rayan and her family in the face of crisis – and this served as a stark reminder not to forget the human impact of the projects we support”.

Seeing the brilliant work carried out by charity staff, and the unwavering determination and commitment of the doctors working at the clinic, has given me an invaluable insight into the importance of supporting charities operating in these incredibly challenging environments. Thanks to charities such as Hands Up that support the clinic, Rayan has been able to walk for the first time in six years and can now spend her time playing with friends and pursuing her ambition to become an architect!”

Want to support Hands Up? Please come along to Music for Syria on 12 June – a unique evening of music, readings and entertaining which will raise money for their work. Equally you can find out more about Hand Up’s ongoing work here.

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