Volunteers Week: Liz Parsons and the girl guiding movement

Many of our people are heavily involved with voluntary work in their local community and, with this in mind, we thought we’d tell you a bit about Liz Parsons’ recent work with the Girl Guides.


Liz took a group of Guides on a tour of New Scotland Yard to give them a chance to see the important work that the police do day-in day-out across the capital – just one of many field trips that she runs on a voluntary basis. Not only did they get the grand tour of the building, the officers even took the girls through some activities like finger printing and the ‘searching’ of suspects.

The tour celebrated 100 years of women in the police force, and was the brainchild of a Met Police Commander who was also a Girl Guide Leader in her spare time, and saw an opportunity to mark this milestone by encouraging Guides to see what being a police officer is all about.

Liz says that “we take part in such trips because we enjoy Guiding and, not only that, it gives the Guides the opportunity to gather valuable experience and learn all about career paths they may not have even considered. We may have helped the Met recruit the next generation of officers – at the beginning of the day only a handful of Guides put their hand up when asked if they would consider a job in the police; by the end of the day over half said they would!”

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