HR Director features Bates Wells GDPR survey findings

HR Director, one of the UK’s leading employment trade publications, has covered research conducted by Bates Wells on the GDPR’s effect on charities’ day-to-day operations.

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With one year now having passed since its introduction, Bates Wells’ Employment team recently launched a survey to investigate what kind of impact the GDPR is having on charity leadership teams.

In a feature which drilled down into the key findings of our survey, HR Director cites the fact that 58% of 100 respondents (all hailing from charity executive teams) believe the introduction of the GDPR to have been ‘quite costly’. Our research indicates that a further 12% have found the same exercise to have been ‘very costly’.

HR Director also included commentary from Paul Seath, Partner in our employment team. Citing our survey results, Paul said “These results present a mixed picture of the GDPR’s impact on our clients. They indicate that while the GDPR appears to have had mostly beneficial consequences, the cost of achieving this outcome has been high.” 

Paul also makes the point that “ultimately what this exercise shows is that implementation has proven to be expensive but that many organisations have stepped up and embraced the changes. Also, the first year of GDPR has allowed us to learn many lessons about how implementation can be done effectively.” 

If you’d like to read more of HR Director’s take on our survey, you can check out rest of this article here.

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