IPE: Bill Lewis responds to CJEU VAT relief judgment

Bill Lewis, Consultant at Bates Wells, has provided his views to Investment & Pensions Europe on the impact of a recent CJEU case on charities’ ability to secure VAT relief on fund management fees.

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Following the Court of Justice of the EU’s (CJEU) decision to strike down an appeal by Cambridge University (who sought a ruling allowing them to claim back VAT on investment management fees), Bill offered his insights on the significance of the Court’s judgment for the charities sector. 

Given that the outcome means charities are now faced with a larger tax burden Bill stressed that “the inability to reclaim VAT on management fees is a blow to the charity sector and especially the bigger endowments.” Bill also highlighted in his comments that “the concern now is that HMRC will say charities cannot recover VAT on fundraising costs, because there are very few that do nothing except carry out VAT taxable business activities.”

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