Law Society Gazette: Chetal Patel comments on hostile environment white paper

Chetal Patel, Partner in our Immigration Team, has contributed to analysis from the Law Society Gazette which focuses on a new white paper that drills down into the government’s hostile environment policy.


Chetal, who contributed to the paper (produced by the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA), provided her views on the current state of the Home Office’s immigration system, pointing out that its current approach does not help the government to achieve its key objectives.

She notes in her commentary that the policy is grounded in “compliance, enforcement and collaboration”, and is “underpinned by the idea that if you make things miserable for people, for instance, by giving them no access to housing, NHS services or safe employment, they would be driven to vulnerability and they may leave. In reality the policy doesn’t achieve this aim”.

She also dismisses the suggestion that hostile environment checks should be conducted by civil servants explaining that, “doing so has raised concerns that a lack of knowledge and unintended discrimination can cause difficulties for an individual subject to these checks in their day-to-day lives”.

If you would like to read the rest of the Gazette’s report on this whitepaper you can access the relevant piece here.  

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