Legacies, ethics and reputational risks: Bates Wells writes for Civil Society

In this latest blog, two of Bates Wells’ Charity Legacies team offer a timely overview of legacy donations, their ethical and reputational risks and what charities can do to address these issues.

Leticia Jennings and Laura Soley, Partners at Bates Wells who co-lead our Charity Legacies team, have blogged for Civil Society on the ethical and reputational risks charities need to consider when deciding whether to accept certain legacy donations.

Entitled “When to look a gift horse in the mouth: Legacies and ethical and reputational risks”, this piece sets out how charities can navigate what can be a “minefield” of issues. In their blog Leticia and Laura also refer back to the Bates Wells’ Legacies event held earlier this summer, at which attendees from across the sector discussed the many obstacles facing charities in this area.

Addressing the often difficult situations that charities find themselves in with respect to legacy donations, Leticia and Laura provide four ‘Top Tips’ that can help head off charities’ concerns in this area.

Want to read the piece in its entirety? You can find it on Civil Society’s website here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss the issues raised in this piece in more detail, please approach Laura and Leticia using the contact details listed on this page.

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