Mathew Healey interviewed by Managing IP about charity trademark protection

Mathew Healey, Partner & Head of Trademarks, has provided commentary for Managing IP in which he sets out several steps that charities can take to ensure they don’t fall foul of common trademark issues.

Branding, IP & Trade Marks

Healey underlines the importance of names and brands for fundraising charities and that, given the pivotal role these assets play, trustees are “duty-bound to protect” them.

Likewise he recommends that charities exercise caution when enforcing trademark rights, and cites “multiple cases where the courts have admonished charities that have appeared before them for not settling amicably” as a warning. 

He also draws a distinction between charities of varying sizes. Large charities are able to use acquired distinctiveness says Healey, but even then “the scope of protection that registration can be narrow”. Furthermore, “smaller organisations with less deep pockets can face even greater challenges”.

You can find the rest of this article, along with other insights from third party commentators, here (£).

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