Chetal Patel comments on proposed new fast track visa system covered by Personnel Today

Following the news that the government is exploring how it can remove the cap on ‘tier one’ visas for highly skilled migrants, comments from Chetal Patel, Partner in Bates Wells’ Immigration Team, have been featured in Personnel Today’s coverage of the Home Office’s announcement.


Further to No 10’s contention that the move seeks to increase the number of scientists applying to settle in the UK, Chetal’s remarks delve into the question of whether it clarifies the ongoing confusion surrounding the UK’s visa system.

Expressing a sceptical view of this matter Chetal says, “is this latest announcement just a bid to lure the brightest and the best by turning ‘the UK into a supercharged magnet’ (Boris Johnson’s words not mine)? Put simply, yes.

“Do all of these measures show that the UK is open for business? I fear that yesterday’s announcement merely raises more unanswered questions. Ultimately, what’s the new visa process going to look like? How much will the visas cost, given that there has been much negative press recently about the significant cost attached to UK visas in general?

“Whilst this new visa is expected to launch later this year, no set date has been confirmed. It’s yet to be seen whether it will be a rocket-fuelled success or if it will blow up on the launch pad.”

Given that this new plan will be revealed later this year, further details of the scheme will doubtless emerge over the coming months. If you’d like to receive a legal perspective on these developments, Chetal is available for telephone or face-to-face interviews so please contact our Senior Press Officer Sam Hunter if you’d like to discuss this story in greater depth.

Want to read the rest of Personnel Today’s piece? You can find the piece in its entirety here.

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