Everything you need to know about campaigning law: free resources

In the run up to Election 2019, many organisations will be turning thoughts to campaigning – and the surrounding regulations.

Campaigning can be a lawful, legitimate and appropriate way for a charity to achieve its purposes, but the regulations can seem like a barrier.

We’ve produced a suite of resources to tackle some of the main issues and considerations that charities need to explore before undertaking or funding a campaign.

Webinar: campaigning and election law

Bates Wells’ Suhan Rajkumar and NCVO contribute to this webinar outlining how charities can campaign with confidence in a general election.

Campaign Guides, created in collaboration with Thomson Reuters Foundation / TrustLaw and Campaign Bootcamp

Politics, Elections and Lobbying includes guidance on the laws relating to charities and political activity, election law and lobbying.

Right to Protest, which offers guidance on the legality of protest, the limits on freedom of expression and freedom of thought and assembly, and an overview of the main restrictions that may be imposed on peaceful protests.

Campaigns Targeting Corporates looks at the laws relating to defamation, online campaigns and shareholder action as a campaign tactic.

Data Privacy provides guidance on the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the UK Data Protection Act and the Privacy and electronic Communications Regulations, as they might apply to campaigning organisations.

Charity Campaigning – produced with support from Unbound Philanthropy

In the Charity Campaigning guide, we explain how to use your charity’s voice effectively in compliance with the law. It builds an understanding of charity law, election law and other relevant regulation. It also explores how to plan campaigns, campaigning techniques, and includes a practical toolkit of documents to help you comply with the law.

Grant Funding Basics – produced with support from Unbound Philanthropy

If you’re a grant-funding charity or charitable funder, and you’ve got questions around funding campaigning activity, our Grant Funding Basics guide can help. The guide examines grant-making basics, the differences between funding charities and non-charities and funding overseas activity. It also outlines steps to take before making a grant, with a template checklist.

This information is necessarily of a general nature and doesn’t constitute legal advice. This is not a substitute for formal legal advice, given in the context of full information under an engagement with Bates Wells.

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