Charity & Social Enterprise Update | Autumn 2019

In the Autumn issue of our Charity & Social Enterprise Update:

  • Philip Kirkpatrick discusses a proposal for a new model of governance that places legal responsibility with those who are actually running charities;
  • Both charities and social enterprises play a vital role in the emerging impact economy, say Luke Fletcher and Phillippa Holland;
  • The climate emergency has now gone mainstream, and is a priority for many charities, not just those focused on environmental issues. Mark Abbott looks at how charities can get involved;
  • David Hunter outlines Bates Wells’ own response to the climate emergency;
  • Jess Collings provides a useful overview of the rules for charities looking to support political activity;
  • Charity leaders have to deal with multiple, complex issues including ensuring that the right people are in place to take the charity’s purposes forward. Tesse Akpeki reports on new research on the importance of mapping talent to value;
  • Victoria Cook describes the key issues when investigating an issue that arises in your workplace or wider charity culture;
  • One of the most complex decisions charity leaders may need to grapple with is whether to set up an overseas base. Ben Thomas and Augustus Della-Porta introduce some of the important considerations involved in the decision;
  • Laura Soley and Charlotte Blackbourn uncover the initiative to revitalise dormant charity funds;
  • Rachael Southern highlights the thorny issue of when to refuse donations in her update on charity fundraising;
  • Lucy Rhodes and Pippa Garland find that the drive towards transparency will have implications for charitable trusts and charitable companies;
  • Susan Shi explains why HMRC is targeting 3,000 charities to send in corporation tax returns;
  • In our regular client focus we look at the work of Prisoners of Conscience;
  • Facebook is in trouble again for its data privacy. Lucas Atkin looks at the implications for charities and social enterprises using audience programs;
  • Catharina Waller advises charities to consider their options when another organisation has a similar name;
  • Finally, in our regular roundup section, Keya Advani and Jess Neville look at the latest from the Charity Commission.

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