Victoria Hordern blogs for Thomson Reuters on the importance of data privacy governance

Victoria Hordern, Partner & Head of Data Privacy, has written a detailed piece for Thomson Reuters’ Practice & Law portal explaining why in her view, eighteen months on from the GDPR’s introduction, ‘good data privacy governance should be a business enabler and not a blockage’.

Data Privacy

Following a summary of how the GDPR has altered long-established views of data privacy, Victoria how events since 25 May 2018 ‘encourage a data privacy governance programme’ and that in future it is likely that ‘poor data privacy governance will have far greater consequences in the future’.

Although shortcomings in data privacy governance risk producing fines for the company in question, in Victoria’s opinion ‘individuals and businesses are [also] less likely to trust organisations that have chosen not to properly invest in resources and compliance programmes to properly protect personal data’.

Growing awareness of the capacity for personal data to have positive and negative outcomes has prompted widespread reflection on the need for effective measurement of data on society. Victoria notes that this can open the door for companies to explore innovative ways in which they can bring a data privacy governance system into effect – for instance by becoming a B Corp and set about ‘making privacy governance as a specific part of its aim to have a positive impact on society’.

Keen to read more of Victoria’s insights? Take a look at the rest of her article here.

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