Charities and transgender inclusion: Mindy Jhittay speaks to Thomson Reuters Europe

In the first of a series of web interviews conducted with Thomson Reuters, Mindy Jhittay has provided an overview of how charities can ensure that they meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, especially with respect to transgender inclusion.

This interview is a concise, informative take on a subject that is of significant and increasing importance to charities.

In particular, Mindy’s contribution sets out the legal protections that the Equality Act and the Gender Recognition Act 2004 afford to transgender individuals, and answers the question ‘who is transgender in law’?

Mindy’s interview also explains why transgender people should join single-sex charities, and provides a few useful pointers on where viewers can find out more about this topic.

To view the interview (which is free to access until close of business 13 December) click here.

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