Chetal Patel visa rights comments featured by Personnel Today

Following the news that former NHS employee Uju Onuigbo is due to take her former employer to tribunal for unfair dismissal, Chetal Patel has provided her insights on how visa rights can often have a significant and disruptive impact on people’s lives.

Pointing to the dysfunction within the Home Office’s visa system, Chetal explains how ‘unnecessary uncertainty and long delays’ can impact visa applicants, causing adverse consequences for the lives of many.

Chetal draws attention to the fact this this case is a clear ‘example of the hostile environment or in its more cuddly terminology, the compliant environment’. She goes on to explain how, under the Home Office’s current approach, the lack of a correct immigration status can mean that an individual cannot work or have access to benefits’.

If you’d like to read the rest of Personnel Today’s take on this matter, you can their article on the case here.

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