GDR features Victoria Hordern comments on ePrivacy Regulation

With calls for a further update to the ePrivacy Regulation continuing in earnest, Victoria Hordern, Partner and Head of Data Privacy at Bates Wells, offered her insights to Global Data Review (GDR) on why this delay has occurred and what may come next.

Data Privacy

In his piece, reporter Alex Pugh examines why the introduction of a new update to the ePrivacy Regulation has been delayed, citing claims from some third parties that ‘various interests in the pro-business European Council have worked against it reaching an agreement’.

Responding to this point Victoria said, ‘powerful voices in the EU have lobbied extensively over the shape of the ePrivacy Regulation and the very complexity of the space that it is seeking to regulate has often stymied its progress’. Victoria also suggests that a new commission could help break this stalemate by taking a ‘fresh look’ if the European Council offers a draft text for it to review.

Elsewhere in this article Victoria also notes the complexities and questions that dog this particular issue, especially in relation to how the EU will oversee e-communications and the digital economy.

To check out Victoria’s insights click here to access this piece, which sits behind the GDR paywall.

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