National press covers Chetal Patel’s comments on ‘Right to Rent’ checks

Immigration, Real Estate

Chetal Patel from our Immigration team has commented on the new Home Office push on “right to rent” checks. Comments from Chetal have been picked up by a variety of publications, including Property Wire highlighting Chetal’s comment that “the new push the Home Office is putting behind these checks could give rise to even greater discrimination on the basis of race and nationality.” In addition the Housing Quality Network referenced Chetal’s comment that “streamlining and digitising processes doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, as not all prospective tenants or tenants will have a UK immigration status that can be checked online. Placing the burden on ordinary people like Buy-to-Let investors to undertake the policing of immigration rules is a poor policy decision in the first place.”

You can access all the recent coverage here:

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