Video: Karli Hiscock discusses the B Corp movement, for Business Reporter

How can the B Corp movement help to advance the future of responsible business? Karli Hiscock shares her thoughts with Business Reporter.

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B Corps aim to go beyond profit, to have a positive impact on people, the environment and society. In this video for Business Reporter’s Future of Responsible Business series, Karli Hiscock talks about Bates Wells’ B Corp journey and explains why being a B Corp makes great business sense.

Karli also shares her expertise as a Real Estate lawyer, discussing how a values-driven approach to a company’s premises can help with everything from staff wellbeing to managing carbon emissions.

Bates Wells helps many existing and aspiring B Corps at all stages of their journey. To find out how we could help you, get in touch with Angela Monaghan, our Purpose & Impact Lead ([email protected]).

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