In conversation: Erica Crump and Mindy Jhittay discuss How to manage when crisis hits & fraud awareness

At this year’s Spotlight: The Annual Bates Wells Charity Conference, Erica Crump from the Charity team and Mindy Jhittay from the Dispute Resolution team sat down to discuss how charities can manage and respond to crisis.

They discussed different types of crises that could affect charities, how to decide who should deal with this and outlined the steps charities can take to prevent these crises and how to deal with them when they do occur. They went into detail about the Charity Commission’s updated guidance on incident reporting.

Their conversation touched on cultural issues in charities and also focused on the risks of cyber fraud and cyber attacks, giving practical advice on how to respond to a cyber attack. If your charity or ogranisation does have to deal with a crisis you must consider who you should tell, both externally in terms of your regulators and insurers but also internally. It’s essential to think about prevention and ensure that your staff know how to spot red flags and situations that could potentially lead to a crisis.

You can read the full transcript of How to manage when crisis hits and fraud awareness here.

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