We realise that no-one has a monopoly on good ideas. So we have brought together a team of values-focused people from finance and economic advisory backgrounds, from social research, from corporate finance, and from strategic management and development, and from enterprise, who can see the opportunities in those real-world complex situations.

All of this sits within a law firm that can support on the delivery of many of those solutions, whilst sharing that focus on delivering the outcomes the client wants. Our support falls into four areas:

  • Strategy - development, insight and organisational effectiveness
  • Impact management - evaluating impact and managing its delivery
  • Transactions - investment readiness, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations and fundraising
  • Risk & investigations - due diligence, risk analysis and management, financial modelling and analysis.

We work with our clients in the way that works for them, whether that is collaboratively, as a sounding board, as consultants or advisors, or taking responsibility for delivering a complete solution. Above all we seek to involve our clients at all stages, building learning and outcomes-focused organisations.