We know that successful and sustainable organisations in whatever field need coherent and achievable strategies. We work collaboratively with you to develop a strategy that has the best chance of achieving your objectives and maximising the impact of the organisation, but that feels natural and reflects the strengths, style and values of the business.

The best strategy in the world can only be successful if your organisation has the capability to deliver it. This means having the right skills, systems, and governance frameworks and working in a way that gets the most out of your people.

We can help you to assess your current capabilities and identify gaps, as well as to spot opportunities for maximising effectiveness or impact. Aligning operating practices, policies and systems towards a shared strategic vision can yield significant results, but is reliant on its success on effective implementation We are skilled at planning and implementing organisational and behavioural change and can support you at every stage.

The team is made up of skilled researchers, particularly within the field of social research and impact, which means our strategy development projects are both rooted in experience and backed by research evidence such as horizon scanning, social and market research, and outcomes-based theory of change development.

Service Lines

Strategic research, trend and opportunity identification, insight development, stakeholder needs research, strategic development, strategic planning, governance and system reviews, effectiveness and maturity reviews, capacity building, cultural transformation.

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Katie Barnes

Associate Director, Advisory and Impact

+44(0)20 7551 7727

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