Building back better: a greener, inclusive economy for the 21st Century

There are calls for us to ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19, to create a sustainable economy. Climate change, biodiversity loss and now the pandemic are reminding us of our interdependence, and that our economy is not meeting the needs of people whilst preserving the human and natural capital we rely upon.

However, times of crisis can allow us to think radically, beyond the assumptions of ‘business as usual’, to design the changes needed for a better future. As lockdown eases and businesses move from crisis mode to forward planning, it is an opportune moment to focus on what the economic system should look like in 5 to 10 years’ time.

If we envision a greener, more inclusive and resilient economy, and set guiding intentions to help us to shift culture and attitudes, how do we translate this to action and what part does business play in this transformation?

In this series, we hope to inspire by sharing some of the initiatives helping to develop profit-with-purpose business for the future, and how Bates Wells is helping our clients taking a ‘triple bottom line’ approach to doing business.

  1. Build back better: Purpose-driven business for an inclusive economy
  2. Impact Investing: financing the profit-with-purpose economy
  3. Real Estate opportunities to Build Back Better
  4. Build Back Better: Using COVID-19 to accelerate our response to the ecological crisis
  5. The people building back better: the workforce in a purpose-driven economy