BWB Education Forum: summary notes

BWB's Education team regularly hosts roundtable lunches on topical matters for our BWB Education Forum. With discussion, debate, and insights from key figures in the field, the sessions take a cutting-edge view on topical issues and provoke forward-thinking discussion around some of the biggest challenges education practitioners face today.
8 October 2015

25 June 2015
Are students still falling off the cliff post-19 following the SEND reforms?

The discusson focused on whether the funding is adequate to meet the government's objectives; what the entitlement meant in the context of the new education, health and care plans; who has the duty to provide post-19; and what the role if of special schools in post-19 provision. 

28 February 2014
Early Years Settings: a future role for maintained nursery schools
The group considered i. The funding of nursery schools, ii. What is the function that nursery schools play which can justify favourable funding? iii. What organisational form can best place nursery schools to access funding in a sustainable (long-term) way?
25 June 2013 
Recruitment of governors to academy boards
The BWB Education Forum were joined by Trustees Unlimited to discuss the recruitment of governors to academy boards.
14 October 2011
The Co-operative model for school governance
In this session the forum considered governance models available for maintained schools considering academy conversion. The discussion mainly focused on the new co-operative model for Academy schools. The round table was led by Tony Scott, Chairman of the Board of Governors at Copthall School, Barnet.
19 July 2011
Draft Revised School Admissions Code
The group considered the draft School Admissions Code which was still open for consultation by the DfE. The roundtable lunch was attended by senior individuals from within the education sector who discussed the key points from the draft Code.
10 May 2011
The SEN Green Paper
The group from January 2011 considered the Department for Education ('DfE') Green Paper, Support and Aspiration: A new approach to special education needs and disability - during the consultation period.
26 January 2011
SEN Policy Issues
We were joined by Janet Grauberg, Special Senior Adviser to Sarah Teather and Jane McConnell, Chief executive of IPSEA to discuss SEN Policy Issues in anticipation of the forthcoming Green Paper. Sir Brian Lamb led the discussion.
7 December 2010
Free Schools - The Practicalities
Several FreeSchool promoters shared their experiences and challenges with Tim Byles, partnership for Schools and Rachel Wolf of the New Schools Network and others.
8 October 2010
The Pupil Premium
The focus of the occasion was on the Pupil Premium, the subject of a DfE consultation which closed on 18 October. The round table discussion assisted guests with any responses they wished to make. Professor Julian LeGrand of the LSE presented a short paper.
29 June 2010
Academies - the role of the local authority
The purpose of the occasion was to share experience and identify issues arising from the Government's proposals for new schools and (more immediately) academies, with specific reference to the role of local authorities. The position of local authorities seems to have been largely missing from the debate so far. The lunch provided an opportunity for experts and local authority representatives to explore the issues whilst the lawyers provided legal input.
11 March 2010
Parent Promoted Schools
In this session, the Forum shared experience and ideas on the education issue that has received some media interest recently - Parent Promoted Schools. The discussion was set in the broader context of the various models for state schools and their governance - what is possible - what is desirable - what are the practical problems? Representatives from New Schools Network, Partnerships for Schools, Tribal Education, E-ACT, Kunskapsskolan, Hardwicke Chambers, the LSE and British Council for School Environments all attended.