Learn more about the process of applying for a training contract.

How many training contract places are available and for which year are you currently recruiting?

We have six vacancies available for the August 2022 intake.

What method of application do you accept?

Only online applications will be accepted. 

Will my application be considered if I do not meet the minimum academic requirement?

Yes. All applications will be considered and judged on their own merit. We work with RARE Recruitment using the contextualised recruitment system as part of the application screening process.

Can I apply for both a vacation placement and a training contract at the same time?

No. If you apply for a vacation placement, you’ll need to wait to hear from us on the outcome before proceeding with a training contract application.

Do you fill all trainee vacancies from your vacation placements?

No – we consider all direct training contract applications, but we do encourage you to apply for a vacation scheme. To read more about our vacation schemes click here.

When can I expect to hear back from you?

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to apply, so we respond to all applicants who have applied for either a vacation placement or training contract. We aim to have responded to all applicants by September 2020.

Do you offer sponsorship or a maintenance grant for the GDL and LPC?

Yes, if you’re beginning the GDL or LPC after you’ve accepted an offer from us. We provide full funding and a maintenance grants of £7,000 if you’re studying in London or £6,000 if you’re studying outside of London.

Does Bates Wells have any preference for LPC modules?

No, but you should choose any module relevant to our work and your own interests.

Is there an opportunity for secondment during my period of recognised training?

It’s unlikely; secondments are more common among junior lawyers. However, we have had a small number of trainees seconded in the past.

Can I defer my start date once I have accepted an offer?

We’ll consider requests on a case-by-case basis, taking mitigating circumstances into consideration. Any deferral will need to be by agreement only. 

Do you keep in touch with future trainees during GDL/LPC years?

Yes, we invite future trainees to a number of our social events. Our current trainees also organise two socials during the year for future trainees.

Are there opportunities for work experience or open days outside of the formal vacation placement?

At present, we’re unable to accommodate work experience or open days outside of our formal vacation placements. Please look at the details of our vacation scheme by clicking here to see if you are eligible to apply.

Can I apply for a paralegal position at Bates Wells?

Specific paralegal roles will be advertised here. However, we’re always keen to receive speculative CVs. To be considered for any future positions, please submit a speculative application by clicking here and emailing your CV and covering letter to Francesca Evans, Trainee Recruitment & Recruitment Advisor.

Do you accept applications from applicants who have previously been rejected?

Yes, we accept applications from candidates who have been rejected in previous recruitment cycles.