Our summer placements are a great way to make your mark – and could lead to a training contract.

If you’re committed to applying for a trainee position at Bates Wells, our vacation placements are worth a look. By applying for a vacation scheme, you’re guaranteed to be considered for a training contract. You don’t need to apply for both the vacation scheme and the training contract – you only need to choose one.

Vacation Scheme 2020:

Summer Vacation Scheme 1: 1 June-12 June 2020

Summer Vacation Scheme 2: 15 June - 26 June 2020

How the application process works

You’ll need to be successful at each stage to move to the next.

  1. Fill in an online form.
  2. Take the Watson-Glaser critical thinking test.
  3. Do a short, competency-based interview at our office.

What you can expect from the vacation scheme

You’ll sit in two different departments during your fortnight with us. But from day one, you’ll feel part of something bigger. You’ll have the chance to explore the firm and the values that drive us, and we’ll always support you to be yourself.

You’ll meet a wide range of our people, and you’ll get to know our shared sense of purpose and values. We encourage you to get involved with the whole department and any events happening during your time with us.

How the vacation scheme fits into the training contract application process

When you arrive for your vacation scheme, we’ll let know how we’ll be assessing you throughout the placement. If you’re successful, we’ll invite you back for a final interview in July with two partners (including our managing partner). After final interviews, we’ll offer training contracts to successful candidates.

If you decide to apply directly for a training contract rather than going for the vacation scheme, you’ll still complete the initial form and Watson Glaser test. However, you’ll be invited to an assessment day at the firm rather than just a competency based interview. The assessment day consists of a competency based interview and written exercise. If you’re successful on the assessment day, you’ll be invited back for a final interview alongside vacation scheme students in July. 


Applications for our 2020 Summer Vacation Schemes and 2022 Training Contracts are open!

Our Trainees Team